Horse wallpapers

The horse is part of the genus Equus, which includes the Zebra. It was domesticated by humans around 4000 BC. Horses are domesticated, but some subspecies live in the wild.

There are many breeds of horses. For example, some breeds include ponies, draft horses and racing horses. They vary in size, color, endurance and other physical attributes.

Horses have been used through history in a wide range of uses. They have been good working animals for humans. They were more useful and essential to agriculture than today. They are still used in agriculture in least developed countries. They have been used as transportation before the cars. They continue to serve as transportation for the police. They are also raised for recreational purposes and therapy.

About the Horse wallpaper gallery

The Horse wallpaper gallery contains images or photos that can be downloaded for free and used as background on your computer, desktop or mobile device.

The Horse wallpaper gallery contains 6 high quality wallpapers. This wallpaper gallery is a sub-gallery of the Animal wallpaper gallery. This gallery includes the following topics: Horse with small motifs, Pony, Horse in a stable, Horse, Horse in town, Horse in Quebec city.

All desktop wallpapers in the Horse wallpaper gallery are free for your personal use.

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