About Gaia Wallpapers

About the author

Sébastien Larocque began taking photographs in 2002 with his digital camera. Just for fun, he decided to start a small free desktop wallpapers website with just a couple pictures. Quickly, the site begun to attract people. Seeing that success, he decided to build a well-organized desktop wallpapers collection updated every week. Gaia Wallpapers is today the result of many iterations and updates. This desktop wallpaper website is continuously updated with new free desktop wallpapers every week. As the years passed, new topics and categories have been added. Now, hundreds of desktop wallpapers are listed into specialized categories.

Where do the images come from?

The images come mainly from his personal collection of photographs. Some other people that he knows well have also participated to the expansion of the wallpaper collection. He also created some other desktop wallpapers other than photographs.

What is the goal of Gaia Wallpapers?

He developed this free desktop wallpaper collection with one main goal: Allow people to discover their world on their computer. He picked popular topics, but also some less frequent topics like: impressive close up of insects, details of a flower, water wave effects, ice structures, wildlife animal scenes, etc. Many of these images are have been chosen to teach people different things about nature and specially the nature of things. As shown on many images of moving subjects like water waves, photography is a way to capture timeless moments of an unseen nature of things. Also, he developed Gaia Wallpapers to allow you to download beautiful images that you like and make your desktop alive!

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