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Gaia Wallpapers offers of great variety of free desktop wallpapers for your computer. Every week, we post new free desktop wallpapers. The desktop wallpapers are mainly photographs, but also some drawings and computer 3D generated images.

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You can find our free desktop wallpapers by browsing the desktop wallpaper galleries. The desktop wallpapers are sorted by subject into galleries. To search for a particular subject, you can browse the list of subjects below. The most important galleries are listed. Inside each gallery, you will find other sub-galleries or desktop wallpapers with more precise subjects.

3D Artworks desktop wallpapers

3D Artworks

The 3D artworks are 3D images generated from computers. The subjects fall into the fantastic and imaginary. They can provide scenes or landscapes that would not be possible in photography. The subjects, inspired by the reality, are beyond the real world.

Abstracts desktop wallpapers


The abstract wallpapers are images that do not necessarily represent real-life objects. They create effects with forms, colors and movement.

Animals desktop wallpapers


The animals in this category are divided mainly between mammals, fish, birds and reptiles. There are wild and domestic animals from around the world. Topics include the terrestrial and marine life. You can admire them in their natural habitat as urban.

Automobiles, Cars, Trucks desktop wallpapers

Automobiles, Cars, Trucks

Dream cars and special vehicles. These cars are not usually ordinary.

Aviation desktop wallpapers


The aviation covers several flying vehicles by motorized means or in free flight. The aviation diversifies mainly between commercial and recreational. With over 100 years, it still makes people dream as it was over a century ago. It is the symbol of the conquest of the sky.

Boats desktop wallpapers


Boats are one of the oldest means of transport. They allowed the fishermen to go further to get fish, but they also allowed civilizations to cross the oceans to conquer new continents. Today, we find small boats as recreational sailboats and luxury yachts, but also huge transport ships and cruise liners for cruises.

Buildings and architecture desktop wallpapers

Buildings and architecture

The architecture is a way for each civilization to construct its buildings and infrastructure. Within the same civilization, we can recognize different times by the appearance of its buildings. The architecture also applies to bridges, public spaces and other monuments. The architecture is part of the heritage.

Celebrations and holidays desktop wallpapers

Celebrations and holidays

The celebrations are rituals that gather people periodically at a specific time and also often at a particular place. People hold celebrations for religious reasons. The holidays are highlighted by tradition or pleasure.

Dinosaurs and fossils desktop wallpapers

Dinosaurs and fossils

Dinosaurs belong to a group of animals of the clade Dinosauria. They related to reptiles. They lived from about 231 million years ago (Triassic period) to until about 66 million years ago (Cretaceous period). Their size varied to very small to very large. They are considered the biggest creatures that Earth has known.

A mass extinction event, the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, killed about 75% of plant and animal species on Earth. The event is related to an asteroid impact.

Based on fossil's studies, birds have evolved from a group of dinosaurs during the Jurassic period.

Fossils are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms of the past.

The paleontology studies the prehistoric life as such as dinosaurs and fossils.

Drawings desktop wallpapers


These drawings are modified images from photographs and drawings created by computers. The themes are varied as the colors. Your screen could be ice or fire, but also reflect an abstract stage.

Elements desktop wallpapers


The elements in this section are fire, ice, snow and water. These elements adopt variable shapes, textures and colors. Water and fire have an elusive appearance unless you take a photograph. They carve our landscapes and make them unique places by the way they modified the ground. They are often associated to weather and change with seasons.

Flowers desktop wallpapers


The flowers are often associated with spring. Their shapes, colors and fragrances always create a sense of wonder. They often last for a short time and make us appreciate the rare moments. Although they give the impression not to move, some flowers such as water and sunflowers follow the sun changes with precision. Others, being insectivorous, give the impression of animal beings by eating insects that dare to venture inside them.

Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Drinks desktop wallpapers

Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Drinks

This section provides images of food, vegetables, fruits and drinks. The food ranges from fruits and vegetables that are not picked up yet to more sophisticated products such as drinks. You will also find delicious desserts. These photographs capture good moments of your table as moments from natures.

Games desktop wallpapers


Game images showing games from different angles.

Insects and small creatures desktop wallpapers

Insects and small creatures

Insects are among the smallest creatures and also among the oldest animals. They have the ability to metamorphose. The best-known example is the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. They are essential for the pollination of plants by carrying pollen from flower to flower.

Landscapes desktop wallpapers


The landscapes in this category cover a wide variety of scenes. Topics include mostly civilized places. Despite the fact that there are always traces of civilization, nature may be present. These landscapes allow you to travel between towns and countryside, between heaven and earth and between the sea and the center of continents.

Miscellaneous objects desktop wallpapers

Miscellaneous objects

Miscellaneous objects including practical objects like unusual objects.

Miscellaneous places desktop wallpapers

Miscellaneous places

Miscellaneous places with some unusual topics. Some topics are familiar places while others are magical.

Nature scenery desktop wallpapers

Nature scenery

These nature scenery show images from the wilderness. There is a great variety of places like the lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests and mountains. This scenery shows the nature of different seasons and time of the day.

Patterns desktop wallpapers


Images showing patterns of nature, infrastructure or abstract concepts.

Plants and trees desktop wallpapers

Plants and trees

Different points of view on the vegetal world including plants, trees and mushrooms. The images cover a variety of species in different seasons. These plants come from all over the world. Some live in temperate zones, while others in the tropics and deserts. Carnivorous plants are probably the most exotic.

Skies desktop wallpapers


Although the sky may seem empty, it is one of the places that changes the most in a day. It changes its color from sunrise to sunset and also its patterns with the great variety of clouds forming in unique shapes. During a storm, it offers us an extraordinary visual experience with lightning and rainbows, but also an auditory experience with thunder. With its incomparable number of states, the sky is one of the environments that changes the most our state of mind.

Trains desktop wallpapers



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